EXCLUSIVE! Gary Owen on Going to the Hood to Do Comedy for Black People

Growing up in a trailer park in Cincinnati, Ohio, Gary Owen said his earliest childhood interaction with an African American adult was with a man named Sonny, who drove the local ice cream truck. Almost excluded from diversity with only a handful of Black friends growing up, he says his African American friends stationed with him in San Diego advised him to go to Black comedy clubs where he started doing “comedy for black people.”

Surprisingly, when hearing most celebrity success stories, it usually entails a long process of trials and tribulations, however, Owen said it only took him 6-months to “get on” after a two year hiatus. Not long after appearing—and a successful winning streak—on Comic View, he got a 1-hour comedy special, and was later asked to host the show, in which he received major backlash for.

Watch the full interview above.

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